Digital Creators is an organization empowering Utah’s digital creators by providing them the knowledge, tools, and resources to learn, network, and create.

Digital Creators who we are


Digital creators are people who create digital content for an online platform. The content can be any of the following formats; text, images, video, and audio or a mixture of all of them. Digital creators can be YouTubers, filmmakers, designers, coders, photographers, VFX artists, bloggers, authors, musicians, and creative entrepreneurs.

Digital Creators what we do


We host monthly meet ups with special guests sharing industry secrets. We hold quarterly workshops focused on best practices, and produce a weekly series spotlighting creators all over Utah.

Digital Creators Why us


We work closely with The Bright Building, Utah Film Commission, Downtown Provo Inc and the city. Digital Creators is founded by Anthony Ambriz, YouTube Certified consultant, owner of VidStrategy, and former President of UTuber Nation, which was once one of the largest community of YouTubers. Digital Creators works closely with top influencers, agencies, organizations, and news outlets. Giving us the knowledge base and resources needed to help creators succeed.


We'll return in 2018

Our events contain the following!


  • Special Guest from industry experts, top influencers, and super talented individuals

  • Opportunity to network with other awesome creators

  • Q&A Sessions where the special guest shares their top secrets

  • Exclusive interviews spotlighting top creators

  • Epic group picture taken at every meet up




Each month we have special guest speakers who are industry experts, top influencers, creatives doing what they love, and professionals with years of knowledge and experience.

Take a look at some of our previous and future speakers.

stuart edge

Social Media Influencer

Stuart Edge

Cyrene Q

Snapchat Influencer

Cyrene Q

Garrett Gee

Travel Journalist

Garrett Gee

derek pueblo


Derek Pueblo










frequently asked questions

Is there ample parking at the venue?

Yes, right at the entrance, around back, and on the street. Also the frontrunner is located one block away and soon the city of Provo will have a special bus system where it will drop you off right at our door step!

Will there be food?

Yes! We enjoy late dinners and PIZZA! Sometimes we have cereal, but that’s usually only if Shonduras (it’s in his contract) attends. We would love to serve different types of foods, but we need sponsors to help with that plus everyone likes pizza.

Can kids attend?

We keep things PG for the most part, but we just ask that if kids or babies attend with you that you make sure they don’t interrupt the speakers or wander the halls. But we suggest to get a babysitter, because you don’t want to miss out on important information or opportunities to network with awesome creators.

How do a purchase a ticket to this event?

Most of our events are free, but if by chance we do have one where you’re required to pay we will make sure to notify you and prominently display where you can purchase tickets.

Do I need to be a member to attend?

All you have to do is register for a free ticket and you’ll always be a member and get notified of upcoming events. Will there be a paid members only exclusive status? One day possibly, but this won’t be the crappy stuff airlines offer. This will involve special Q&A sessions with the presenters, insider knowledge, and access to a secret database of resources and possibly prizes!

How do I promote my company or product at your event?

You become a sponsor and pay the annual sponsorship fee. Send us an email if you’d like to learn more.

Do the people in charge know what they're doing?

Yes, the founder is Anthony Ambriz. Since the age of 9 he’s been forming and leading clubhouses, tree houses, and (friendly) gangs. In school and church he was always part of the activities committee organizing dances and fundraisers, during college he planed and organized block/house parties, breakdance battles, music shows, clubs, showcases, and booked venues. After college he formed the largest organization of YouTube Creators and then went on to form Digital Creators.

Can I film or record this event?

NO! But you can take notes. We like to respect the wishes of our guest speakers who share juicy industry secrets, what they earn, drop names, and tell intimate stories about how it all started. We ask that you respect their wishes.

Will this be live streamed?

One day, but in order to have access to those you will have to pay a convenience fee. Hey, if you want to live the luxurious life of receiving epic training content from top industry experts, influencers, and awesome creatives from the comfort of your own home, you need to pay the price.

  • Digital Creators is an organization empowering Utah’s digital creators by providing them the knowledge, tools, and resources to learn, network, and create.

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